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Diversity & Equal Opportunity

EACH collects information about candidates and recruitment activities to continuously improve its ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce.

The person/s responsible for assessing candidate applications will not have access to this information. However, answering these questions allows EACH to understand its targeted recruitment effectiveness.

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DWES and Background checks

Disability Worker Statement and Background checks

The following information must be read and agreed to as part of the Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme:

I am aware that the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) operates a Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme and has a Disability Worker Exclusion List (the List).

I consent to my personal details being provided to the department for the purpose of checking against the List. I consent to the department collecting personal information and sensitive personal information about me, including information relating to any criminal, disciplinary and employment history of mine, for the purposes of the department compiling and maintaining the List.

I accept that if my name is on or is placed on the List, I will be prevented from being engaged by a disability service provider (as defined in the Disability Act 2006) as:

  • A Disability Worker, being a person engaged by a disability service provider who:
    • provides, or supervises or manages a person who provides, direct support to a person with a disability, and
    • has direct contact or access to a person with a disability

and excluded from any work at the disability service that falls within the definition of:

  • Excluded Work being work at a disability service:
    • as a Disability Worker, or
    • that involves regular direct contact with or access to a person with a disability.

I agree that the department may inform any disability service provider or authorised labour hire agency that has engaged me that I am on the List, or that I am the subject of a Notification by a disability service provider.

I agree to inform EACH of the name and address of any other disability service provider I am, or intend to be, engaged by.

As a provider of Disability Services, EACH may be required to check your name against the Disability Worker Exclusion List (DWEL) - this step would generally occur when progressing past an interview. Should your application progress, your date of birth is required by the Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme.

You can read more about EACH's requirements here.

For more information on the Department of Health and Human Services’ privacy collection, please refer to their website.


All offers of employment are subject to Australian (and if relevant, International) Police check clearances and should be paid and obtained by you prior to commencing employment with EACH.

If you have lived in any country other than Australia for 12 consecutive months or more in the last 10 years, EACH policy requires you to provide an international police check for every country outside of Australia where you have lived, in addition to all countries of citizenship. Some applicants may need to obtain checks for several countries.

If you have lived in Australia continuously for the last 10 years, you will be required to obtain a National Police Check, issued within the last 60 days. 

EACH is required to ask this question to comply with auditing arrangements. ​

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